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About Us


Serving Our Clients

Infinite Genomics prides itself on providing a customized, comprehensive process for supporting local and national clients.

We work closely with our clients to:

  • Establish the account administratively.

  • Define testing schedules and frequency.

  • Provide access to our HIPAA compliant portal for results.

  • Establish a logistical plan dependent upon our client’s needs.

  • Define roles and responsibilities to ensure success.

  • Infinite Genomics is not contracted with any third-party collection agencies.

Our onboarding process, internet-based training, and video conferencing combined with our dedicated account management ensure a smooth implementation of Infinite Genomic’s testing programs.

These capabilities enable us to effectively deal with any logistical complexities that may arise. This is particularly important when serving clients with multiple collection points operating throughout a state or nationwide.

For our partners in testing, Infinite Genomics offers an electronic ordering service that can integrate with any electronic medical record system, allowing seamless laboratory results.

Results Reporting

Test results are provided to our clients, through a system interface, and the appropriate CDC
office and local health administrative agency.

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